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Lost Boys Interactive was founded in 2017 by industry veterans Shaun Nivens, Mark Stefanowicz and Rod Runnheim, with the executive team expanded in 2020 by industry stalwarts Chase Jones and Timothy Gerritsen. Combined, the group has many decades of industry experience, having worked on blockbuster games ranging across the sports, adventure, RPG, shooter, sandbox and card game genres.

Our Team

We are a video game development studio working both with co-development partners on top tier games as well as crafting our own game titles for the PC and console markets. From our humble beginnings we have grown to over 300 people working on several projects on a variety of platforms. We are a remote first studio, so you can stay where you live while working with our teams virtually in a fast-paced environment.

Our experienced team of designers, artists and software engineers continuously refresh their skill sets to remain up to date with the latest development technology and tools. We will confidently handle any genre, size and art style for your project. To do so, we leverage our proven ability to rapidly scale up or down in size depending on your ​timeline and budget needs.


Why Choose Us?

Experience -

Every studio can claim that they have experience, but our team has proven themselves individually and collectively on game after game and on platform after platform. Our executive team alone has over 80 years of collected experience in games development, delivering top games across a wide variety of styles and in several different genres. We have the talent, skills and experience to deliver your game to market.

Scalability -

We’re building our reputation on our ability to scale quickly with the highest quality talent. While most studios are pre-booked months in advance, our extensive network of contacts built via years of experience allows us to quickly assemble the right team to fulfil your needs. With our worldwide trusted partner network of likeminded studios and individual contract developers, we can get teams up and running whether you need a large team or just a few key people.

Communication -

We commit to working openly and honestly with our development partners to keep you informed throughout the development process. Individual work is peer reviewed and signed off by our leads and executive team. We use well established development methodologies to keep our teams humming along effectively and efficiently. If problems arise, we provide a clear escalation path so that our partners can comfortably air their issues and get resolution and keep the project on track.

Company Executives-

Shaun Nivens - Chief Executive Officer

Shaun is an experienced Executive Producer, Lead Programmer and Business Director, having managed multiple software products and multi-million dollar business units. 

With over 10 years of industry experience, Shaun has programmed, designed and lead game productions across multiple platforms, and has managed teams of all sizes. 

Shaun’s previous studio experience include SEGA, Human Head Studios, Three Rings Design, Per Blue and Gristmill Studios. He has worked in various roles, including Senior Software Engineer, Lead Programmer, Game Designer, Scrum Master, Executive Producer and CEO.


Mark Stefanowicz - Chief Visual Officer

Mark Stefanowicz has been in game development for 20+ years. He has worked on all types of games including Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2 The Power Of Two, NCAA Football, Madden, numerous children’s games, mobile games, and more. 

Since 2017, he has been with Lost Boys Interactive where he is a Co-Founder and visual leader. Lost Boys Interactive has worked on Call of Duty Online, Survived By, LOTR, Rune and PUBG as well as our own original IPs ZPOC and Neverland. Mark also works in comics and has done work on George R.R. Martin's The Hedge Knight, Image Comics and his self-published title Waterdogs.


Rod Runnheim - Chief Technical Officer

With over 25 years’ experience in programming, critical architecture, big data, image processing and optimization, Rod is an extremely capable and talented technical leader - as well as the Lost Boys CTO.

Rod has acted as Chief Architect, Lead Programmer and Technical Director on several Large Multiplayer titles, including acting as a Feature Lead on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. His deep roots in optimization and scaling inform Lost Boys teams on all aspects of Systems Architecture, whether in Multiplayer and Netcode, Procedural Generation, AI, Simulation or Graphics Performance.


Chase Jones - Chief Product Officer

A design leader with over 15 years’ experience making high quality interactive experiences for a variety of audiences. Experienced in building products, defining product vision, building innovative platform defining features, leading multidisciplinary teams and mentoring designers in the industry.


During his career he has worked with and learned from industry leaders at studios including Disney, Microsoft, EA, THQ, Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive and Atlassian. Chase’s titles include Ghost Recon 2 and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Epic Mickey 1 and 2, the Medal of Honor series, Ori and The Blind Forest, and System Shock 3.  


Timothy Gerritsen - Chief Operations Officer

Formerly the Studio Head for Irrational Games and Executive Producer for Bioshock Infinite, Tim is a 30 year veteran of the video games industry, having worked as a designer, producer, writer, studio head, and C-level executive leader.

He’s directed teams of 3 to 300 in both single locations and distributed across continents with experience shepherding games on every version of Xbox and PlayStation, across multiple generations of PC and Macintosh computers, the Nintendo Wii U and Switch and iOS and Android devices as well as custom arcade and location-based hardware. His titles include Rune, Prey, BioShock Infinite, MechWarrior 3, The Lord of the Rings Adventure Card Game, A10 Tank Killer II, Aces of the Deep, McKenzie and Co., Vampire Diaries, and many, many more.


Join the Crew!

If you want the flexibility of working from home but want to be a part of major game titles, we are always on the look out for self-motivated and capable talent. Our team includes top artists, software engineers, designers, audio developers and quality assurance staff. Check out our Careers page to see if you fit one of our current openings. 

Lost Boys Interactive is a division of the Gearbox Entertainment Company, which is a part of Embracer Group.

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